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Its now many months ago when Silverlan stopped hosting his awesome gamemode that looks like Fallout3...

But dont worry Silverlan is still working on a new Model pack as you can see in this video:

 so the gamemode is coming back, i will stay in contact with silverlan and announce the Release of the gamemode.

So many new Features will the gamemode include ;)
Views: 538 | Added by: defaultNick | Date: 2010-02-20 | Comments (2)

Update News:
+ Added SNPCs: Centaur, Devilsquid, Molerat, Radroach, Yaoguai
+ Added an anticheat scripts which detects some of the commonly used lua cheats or hacks and bans cheating players automatically
+ Changed some of the mob Spawnpoints

Easter Event:

So, there's a small easter event going on right now. ... Read more »
Views: 719 | Added by: Silverlan | Date: 2009-04-14 | Comments (2)

Event News:
The Event started on Sunday and we have about 30 name suggestions.
So we think the event will end at Friday.

Update News:
+ Added Barnacle Spawnpoints (At the bridge)
+ Added restricted areas for robots (Robots can't be spawned in these areas)
+ Added Battlemusic
+ Fixed some players not being able to select the sword in the weapon HUD
+ Jumping now drains stamina (HEV Power)
+ Gave all players with a level about 34 their missing skillpoints (Because of the bug that was fixed in the last update)

Views: 360 | Added by: ProHunter | Date: 2009-03-03 | Comments (0)

Silverlan and i Decided to start an Event for gamemodename suggestions, the winner with the best suggested Gamemodename will be awarded ingame with 1000exp and 5000$
For More Information go to the Suggestion Event thread

Update news:

+ Added NPC- Mirelurk King
+ Added NPC - Vicious Dog
+ Added Minimap where you can watch all players and nearby enemies (Press the context menu key to open it (Default: c))
+ Fixed players not gaining skillpoints after level 30

Views: 343 | Added by: ProHunter | Date: 2009-03-01 | Comments (0)

-Modified all descriptions in order to just briefly present the creatures instead of telling how to beat them
Items list with weapons & ammunitions

-Added picture profile to every creatures in the Creature Tab (click on the pictures to enlarge)
Views: 394 | Added by: Klaria | Date: 2009-02-27 | Comments (0)

This is the first news of the Homepage for the Mmorpg test Gamemode
It's developer is Silverlan, if you're willing to know more about this gamemode go here

Several features have been added today:

+Added a companion, a Dog, you can find it in the wild, but it's a rare pet.
+Added a HUD for pets,compations whenever they are summoned.

-The hud doesnt work right as of now, it should be fixed soon.
Views: 408 | Added by: gm10mmorpg | Date: 2009-02-26 | Comments (1)

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