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The List of current Creatures you'll see in the Gamemode (it is incomplete until I ask the Developer, keep in mind this list is not complete as the gamemode is only in pre-alpha stage):

Pets that earn experience and are able to level up just like players (Note: only pets such as the Dog Companion are able to gain levels, summoned companions such as robots do not gain any levels or experience)

Dog Companion: (Health varies with levels) -- Very rare. This companion is rumored to be found wandering outside of the vault, careful tho, if it dies, you can only resurrect it through the use of a stone potion, which costs 10000$


Robots such as Protectron and Manhack are purchasable allies which can be summoned and dismissed as you wish, Their main role is for area securing or area denial, but they can also be used as helpful allies while you are leveling, as every of their kills will earn you experience. But you will get less experience than if you would kill the target yourself, everytime the robot hit an ennemy, a percentage of experience is taken away, up to 50%, but Reduces if you attack the same target (If you do not attack the target at all, the robot will earn you 50% of the monster's exp).

Protectron: 3000 HP, 800$, level requirement: 25 -- The protectron is a slow yet strong robot, it's main role should be area securing as it is equipped with a long-range laser which packs quite a punch. But can also be used as a formidable "tank" to absorb damages while you kill your target. Currently only available at the Robot Salesman outside The Vault.

Manhack: 50 HP, 180$, level requirement: 18 -- The Manhack is a small, fast flying robot but weak robot, it's main role is for finishing off targets, unfortunately this robot has very weak damage capability and ain't effective once you reach a high level. Currently only available at the Robot Salesman outside The Vault.

Liberty Prime: 40.000 HP (Only available to Developper) -- Embrace Democracy or you will be eradicated

Credits goes to klaria


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