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We don't know yet but we think it is going to be this year (2010), but you can join the community, or subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed whats going on.

Please go to Gamemode Info in the Navigation bar, if you still want to know more feel free to open a thread in the forum.

you just copy the full link of the youtube video (e.g.: ) and put then a [video] in front of the link and a [/video] in the end of the link, it looks like this:

Be active and dont ask for it, we will tell the community if we are looking for one :)

no, but you will need the game Garrysmod to play it^^

no it isn't it is going to be released this year
Added by: Anna vieru (Burgerking)

Its Multiplayer and when it's released we will host it on our server


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