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I activated the old website again, since the other one went for no reason offline, and our sponsor has been missing now for 30 days with no luck coming online again, for all new users: enjoy the old Aftermath Homepage.
FYI: The entrys about the gamemode are outdated, so if you get some problems post it in the forum.

If we can't manage to contact our host to fix the problem, we are going to stay on this Homepage, we will get of course a better Domain and  update the contents.

Thank you for your Patience.

If in 2 weeks AnazHd(our Sponsor) doesn't come online and fixes the homepage, this one will become our official Website (it's still WIP, so the final version will look alot better)
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Thanks to anazhd and System32 who made for us a new homepage, please register on the new forums, this site will last a while but is only in place to redirect people to the new site

Join our new Website


This Page lasts some weeks to redirect to the new page
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I talked with Silverlan about the "ask us" event and he answered some questions that has been asked by users :P

Here is the Interview, the gamemodeinfo won't be updated on this website, since we are switching to a new website,address and host (we will announce it early enough)

So the short info (the full answers can be read beneath this text, they contain more information, so i recommend reading them)

1. There will be a levelsystem and you gain "exp" by quests and hunting "monsters"

2. Silverlan is not entirely sure yet if the Hud will look like the one in fallout3, but currently it does

3. The gamemode takes place on the map gm_aftermath or a modificated version of it

4. There is only 1 quest (for now), Silverlan is developing the gamemode first and then he is going to add some quests, but yes there will be some quests

5. There will be a trading system, you will be able to trade with Npcs and Players

6. Silverlan can't pro ... Read more »
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Big thanks to Anaz HD, he offered us a free webspace, domain and helps us at creating a new well designed Homepage.
We will anounce it when the new Site has been finished then we will be moving to it, this site is going to last maybe for 1 year, it redirects to the new one.

Oh and don't forget if you have Community or gamemode releated questions ask them with this form
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I want to thank everybody who supports the community and the gamemode, as I just visited the moddb page of our gamemode, I saw that we are under the top 100 of 12420 other mods with more than 4k views and more than 50 people who are tracking it :P

So as a present for you I added a new link on the side bar "Ask us event" you can ask us a question there about anything you want (gamemode, community and so on, I and Silverlan will try to answer them, but note since I am having problems contacting silverlan t may take a while if you ask gamemode related questions :P) and we will post a news in the next few weeks with the answers to all the questions.
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I updated the Media section with some new Videos and I wrote also a note to some links (descriptions of monster...) that this is the old one, what the new gamemode provides doesn't even I know and Silverlan is a busy man that doesn't want to be annoyed with "When is the gamemode done" questions^^ so if he is planning to release a beta or something, I will let you know it :D

oh.. yes for all Fallout3 fans... here is ,for me, one of the best songs in fallout3

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The site is currently in development so dont worry about bugs in the site or appearing links that shouldnt be there just relax ^^
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The user luther suggested to post this mod on MODDB
and here it is:


Thank you Luther for suggesting it and posting it there.
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Silverlan just uploaded a video about his Liberty Prime NPC for gmod here it is:

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Hello People, Since I can't write news often I look for some Newswriter who write about Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 3, and other Survival games and showing machinimas (cinematic movies made with one of that game) or funmovies and so on...(just use google, youtube or machinima.com)
So if you are Interested in beeing one please Apply on this Topic

Also I want to tell you that you should check out the Gallery if you want to see some screenshots of the upcoming gamemode.

Also if you have a Question Place it in the FAQ or in the Forum you just need to be registered.

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