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Quest suggestions
SilverlanDate: Wednesday, 2009-05-27, 9:18 PM | Message # 1
Group: Administratoren
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Hey guys,
for a while now I've been wanting to add some quests, but I just don't have any ideas. I don't really want to have too much of the general stuff (eg.: "Kill 10 zombies" etc.), I want some unique quests.
Here are two examples of what a good idea for a quest would be:
- Survival Guide (Like in fallout 3) (Split into several parts where you have to kill specific NPCs (sometimes with specific weapons) or gain information about them)
- A quest where you have to bring a brahmin packed with goods from megaton to the gas station

So, if you have an idea, just toss it here, and there might be a chance that it gets added.
Every quest idea that makes it ingame will reward you ingame 1000$. Please provide your steam idea, so I can give you the reward in case your quest idea makes it ingame.

GuargDate: Thursday, 2009-06-18, 3:44 AM | Message # 16
Group: Benutzer
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I've got some Ideas for strings of simple repeating Quests (ala Far Cry 2).

The Dirty Hand of the Apocolypse String
Starts by talk to the Merchant in Megaton
Ends with completion of his objective, no need to talk to him again

- rewards: food, ammo, potions and the like
Type 1: The merchant is unhappy with a roving trader, find his supply stash and ignite it.
- A random pile of crates will spawn in the wild, hit the propane tank next to it to ignite and destroy.

Type 2: The merchant is having trouble with some Rebels (see my Feedback and Suggestions post) who keep stopping his supply caravans. He wants to see them gone.
- 2 Rebel Border Guards spawn in the wild and you need only kill them.

Type 3: The merchant has word of a SAM missle for sale by a rival competitor. He dosen't want it to sell.
- A SAM missle (PHX possibly?) and some small crates will spawn with 1 Merchant Guard. Hit the Explosive barrel to blow up the stash.

The Peacekeeper Doctorate (see my Feedback and Suggestions post)
Requires you to be in the Rebels Faction

Starts by talking to the Rebel Captian
End after objective. No need to report to him again

Type 1: Combine raiders are harrassing patrols. Fill them full of lead and their camp.
- 2 Combine Raiders spawn around some wooden crates with stockpiled missiles. Hit a button on the crates to activate a self-destruct (wire mod: button + explosive).

Type 2: A Combine field commander is in the area. See to it his last command is you.
- An Elite Combine spawns with a Combine bodyguard. Simply kill.

Total Domination (see my Feedback and Suggestions post)
Requires you to be in the Combine faction

Starts at the Combine Executor
Ends with completion of objective. no secondary reports.

Type 1: Stranded survivors have been spotted heading towards Megaton. Intercept and raze their homes and them.
- 2 Survivors (citizen model) spawn next to a house (pallet supported by dock planks). Kill and hit the propane to destroy.

Type 2: Rebels are attacking a forward base. Assist forces there to push them back.
- 1 Combine soldier spawns fighting 2-3 Rebel Soldiers. Kill to win.

whew, thats all i got for now

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BurgerkingDate: Friday, 2010-07-02, 6:04 PM | Message # 17
Group: Benutzer
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is this possible? name of the quest: Meaty job. the guy named Rancis sells you dogmeat but you must first kill 70 enemys. reward:Dogmeat happy

Added (2010-07-02, 6:04 PM)
is this possible? name of the quest:The American style! if you speak to guy named Smithy in bridge he will give you quest where you must kill 10 flying headcrabs with melee. reward: 450 xp+ sword or crowbar my steam name is Scoutwitch

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