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Suggestions for gameplay
GuargDate: Thursday, 2009-06-18, 3:22 AM | Message # 1
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- Allow players to buy doors like Dark RP. This for the purpose for more formal player owned stores (Grocery -> Food, Pharmacy/Alcemist -> Potions)
- Create a one-way door out of the spawn room to prevent any npcs from possibly getting in.
- Put the npc merchants behind some small kiosks in Megaton (a counter in front of them) for a more formal appearance
- Add ammo as a loot drop (drops according to level, pistol to zombies and headcrabs/ SMG to mirelurks/ etc.)
- Since there is no monster spawns at the silos (currently), prehaps an npc run Human Base, with rebel model guards and the like? (Could be used as a waystation for grieviously wounded players)
- Add the guy from Vault 77 (lol)
- remove the radroach spawns in the buildings in Megaton since they bug you (no pun intended) while you shop.
- Easy to indentify factions and joinable for PVP (Rebels vs Imperi... er, Combine)
- The HL2 beta AK1 in place of an AR2 since laserguns don't seem to fit with all the conventional weapons.

Thats all I got for right now.

Forum » Aftermath » Feedback and Suggestions » Suggestions for gameplay
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