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The gamemode "Aftermath" is developed by Silverlan, he is the only one who owns and works on this gamemode.
This gamemode is based on the game "Fallout3", but using different ideas from The Hl2 Renaissance pack (Created by the same author) and Hl2 and others games.
As it's name indicates, it is a Rpg-like gamemode in which you (will be able to) interact with other players, kill creatures to gain experience, skills, and complete quests.

The current Features: (Note the gamemode is still a pre-alpha):

-Fellows (Robots, Companions and such)
-Levels (Max level is 100, will most likely never go any higher)
-Inventory system
-Consumables items such as potions, food, and other items.
-Merchants (Only 2 are available in this early Alpha Version, The Robot salesman, and the weapons merchant)
-Fellow H.U.D. (Allows you to see the name if your companions)
-"Customizations" (Choosing a color, a name, and assign orders to your pets/companions)
-Item drops & Looting (Killing a creature will sometime result in an item drop you can pick up)
-Magic abilities
-Customizable interface (Placing your abilities in your key-interface, from 1 to 9 abilities)
(Only one right now, starts when you are on the server/map for the first time)

-ingame Minimap (push c and you can see all players and where they are on the map)

Features to be added more or less soon:

-PVP (Currently being worked on)
-Items Sharing
-And much more!


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